Upcoming Shows - August 9th and 16th - 7:30PM - Say goodbye to your Sunday blues!

On August 9th and August 16th WireTap Improv will be performing at the Historic University Theater (home of Jet City Improv). Showtime is 7:30. Admission: $5.

Theater address: 5510 University Way NE.
For directions to the theater, scroll down.

WireTap will be presenting a long-form improvised show based on suggestions from the audience. It will be a thrill-a-minute, edge of your seat, knuckle biting night of fun, so don't miss out. Anything could happen.

Get Driving Directions to the Theater:


Improv Was Not Broken for Future Generations!

We had a great time! Still 2 more shows to go. WooHoo!

Overheard at the Grocery Store (true)

I walked over to the grocery store this morning to buy some produce and overheard an elderly lady say this to the guy who was re-stocking the green onions:

"Excuse me young man, I wonder if you could help me. My eyes are playing tricks on me this morning and I don't understand this fennel."


Our Glorious Leader

Here's Adina at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater last year:

Two Jims and a Philip

Keith Johnstone: The Secret of Improv

Please Come and See Us!

You're invited to our upcoming improv show at the Historic University Theater! Our performances will be: SUNDAYS: FEB. 8, FEB. 15, and MARCH 1 (2009). See the announcement at the top of this page for the time and theater address.

Adina Gillett ( Jet City Improv ) has been a great teacher/coach/director! Now we're all looking forward to hitting the stage and seeing what happens next!

Improv Is Not All Fun and Games

Here's a recent photograph of WireTapper Frank Young discussing the deep psychological underpinnings of advanced improv theory.


An Improvised Cartoon From Frank and Jim!

WireTap members Frank Young and Jim Gill made this cartoon based on an improvised soundtrack that they recorded last year. Hope you like it.

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