Improv Was Not Broken for Future Generations!

We had a great time! Still 2 more shows to go. WooHoo!

Overheard at the Grocery Store (true)

I walked over to the grocery store this morning to buy some produce and overheard an elderly lady say this to the guy who was re-stocking the green onions:

"Excuse me young man, I wonder if you could help me. My eyes are playing tricks on me this morning and I don't understand this fennel."


Our Glorious Leader

Here's Adina at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater last year:

Two Jims and a Philip

Keith Johnstone: The Secret of Improv

Please Come and See Us!

You're invited to our upcoming improv show at the Historic University Theater! Our performances will be: SUNDAYS: FEB. 8, FEB. 15, and MARCH 1 (2009). See the announcement at the top of this page for the time and theater address.

Adina Gillett ( Jet City Improv ) has been a great teacher/coach/director! Now we're all looking forward to hitting the stage and seeing what happens next!

Improv Is Not All Fun and Games

Here's a recent photograph of WireTapper Frank Young discussing the deep psychological underpinnings of advanced improv theory.